The Arts Society, as a national charity, is committed to bringing people together through a shared curiosity for the arts. Our belief that the Arts have the potential to enrich peoples’ lives is at the heart of everything we do.
This belief and commitment extends to inspiring, educating and supporting young artists both at school and college, and through this helping to promote the message across generations.
The Arts Society Pantiles is an enthusiastic contributor to this national programme.

2018 – 19 A whole school production

Skinners Kent Primary School
The Arts Society Pantiles Young Arts, with help from the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund, supported the creation of a magnificent wall hung collage for the school hall at Skinners Kent Primary School in Tunbridge Wells.
The work, on the theme of ‘The World Around Us’ and incorporating the elements of the school’s ‘Attitude Tree’, was the brainchild of artists Olivia Camden and Kitty Forrest working with Head Teacher Gemma Wyatt.
All the pupils in each class of the school participated enthusiastically in one of the PTFA funded 5 day-long workshops run by Olivia and Kitty. At least one identifiable contribution from every child was incorporated into the final 4.8 x 2.8 metre work which was installed on permanent display in July.

2017 – 18 Sponsored Artists working with students from two local schools

Broomhill Bank School, Rusthall.
Our first project in the autumn saw us to sponsor a series of workshops with 2 artists, Katie Whitbread and Cas Holmes,  working with art teachers Sophie Tier and Paris Diamond, to inspire students at Broomhill Bank School in Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells. The school is a secondary level school for students with Special Educational Needs and Disability.
The students experienced new techniques in art making, producing collagraphs and multi-layered mixed media works, all of which will be used as part of their GCSE portfolios.
The students and their families were particularly impressed with the public exhibition of their work held in the Gallery at Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells in early January.This was the first time any work from students at the school had been exhibited externally.
To quote just one visitor from the comments book, “ Excellent exhibition. Great results produced. Congratulations to the pupils, the staff and the artists for this achievement. The school deserves great support.
Skinners Kent Academy, Tunbridge Wells
Our second project involved the sponsorship of a ceramicist, Deborah Tompsett, to work alongside art teacher Annie Griffiths at Skinners Kent Academy in the town. Enthusiastic students from Years 9 and 10 participated in the project which was executed in its entirety in an after-school club.
The resultant very successful collaborative artwork, each element inspired by the theme ‘ My Community’ was unveiled at a small ceremony at the school in June, attended by the students, parents and staff, as well as by members of our committee.
The work has been permanently installed on a roof terrace at the school.