25 January 2018: Tony Tucker:Historic Organs of the City. The history of the magnificent organs found in the City of London churches,telling stories of the men who built them.  A short recorded organ recital is included.

22 February 2018: Denis Moriarty: World War 1- Wilfred Owen, Poetry, Art  and Music. From the horrors of the trenches emerged one of our greatest poets. Fellow poets, artists and musicians of his time are also discussed.

22 March 2018: James Bolton:Capability Brown – the English Landscape, Birth and death of the English Movement. Capability Brown’s work signalled the end of the Baroque Age.  By his death in 1783 the preceding years had witnessed Britain’s greatest contribution to the art of landscape.

26 April 2018: Charles HadJamach: Dale Chihuly-the world’s foremost Glass Artist. The superstar of the glass world, Dale Chihuly’s huge sculptures in historic cities and gardens around the world have transformed our perception of this extraordinary material.

24 May 2018: Brian MacDonald: Tribal Rugs-Treasures of the Black Tent. Brian’s lecture illustrates early nomadic tribal weaving up to the 19th century. He will explain how these these rugs are made and bring examples from his travels for us to see.

28 June 2018: Barry Venning: Giles – His Life, Times and Cartons. Voted Britain’s best loved cartoonist, Giles is pictured as “a spreader of happiness” and “a genius…with the common touch”.

Recent Lectures

  Foreigners in London 1520-1677 – Artists who changed the course of British Art.  

Antony Gormley – A Body of Work.

 Gustav Klimt: Craftsmanship and Sensuality. 

Masters of the Sea: Highlights of Maritime Art

The Ship Burial at Sutton Hoo

Piero della Francesca:The Light of the North meets the Logic of the South

Sicily: The Kingdom of the Sun

Thomas Heatherwick: The Leonardo of our Times