28 September 2017: Rosalind Whyte: Antony Gormley – A Body of Work.  Spanning the 40 year career of the world-renowned sculptor best known for his work with human forms including the iconic Angel of the North, this lecture looks at the development of Gormley’s work up to the present time.


26 October 2017: Leslie Primo: Foreigners in London 1520-1677 – Artists who changed the course of British Art.  This lecture will examine how artists such as Holbein, Van Dyck, Peter Lely and Rubens influenced the course of British Art.



23 November 2017: Bertie Pearce: Charles Dickens – the Man and his Life through his Characters.  Bertie looks at Dickens’  life and places, interspersing the events with readings from his works.


Recent Lectures

 Gustav Klimt: Craftsmanship and Sensuality. 

Masters of the Sea: Highlights of Maritime Art

The Ship Burial at Sutton Hoo

Piero della Francesca:The Light of the North meets the Logic of the South

Sicily: The Kingdom of the Sun

Thomas Heatherwick: The Leonardo of our Times