27th July  Artist’s Studios

10 Famous 20th Century Artists in Their Studio https://youtu.be/yXeDPohQvB4
Tracey Emin – What Do Artists Do All Dayhttps://youtu.be/WZBkxqNJC9g
Fiona Rae – ‘I Never Think of Painting as Old Fashioned’https://youtu.be/4gwbyfERDrA
In The Studio With Maggi Hambling https://youtu.be/5Wpf5MbBkqQ
Lucian Freud’s studio
20th July –  Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Tiepolo in Milan: The Lost Frescos of  Palazzo Archinto – https://youtu.be/yJ49Nt4SRsE
Tom Knechtel on Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo –https://youtu.be/I5bNNMqNUpU
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s The Empire of Flora – https://youtu.be/P0BOIJ35pEg
To know more about Tiepolo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_Battista_Tiepolo
13th July – The Norwich School of Painters
Beeston Regis from the ‘Roman Camp’ by Robert Ladbrooke
The Norwich Society of Artists was founded in 1803 by John Crome and Robert Ladbrooke as club where artists could meet to exchange ideas. Its aims were “an enquiry into the rise, progress and present state of painting, architecture, and sculpture, with a view to point out the best methods of study to attain the greater perfection in these arts.”
The leading light of the movement was John Crome who attracted many friends and pupils until his death in 1821. The mantle of leadership then fell on John Sell Cotman who kept the society together until he left Norwich for London in 1834. The society effectively ceased to exist from that date.
The Norwich School’s great achievement was that a small group of self-taught artists established a school of landscape painting which deserved greater fame; the broad washes of J.S. Cotman anticipated French Impressionism.
John Crome: A Legacy – Mini-Documentary – https://youtu.be/soyGNYZWeyk
Cotman in Normandy at Dulwich Picture Gallery – https://youtu.be/zr_wOGN9Zmo
British Masters: John Crome & John Sell Cotman – https://youtu.be/8NjSXnrlN6Y
If you want to know more about these artists then click on these  links
John Crome  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Crome
Robert Ladbroke  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Ladbrooke
John Sell  Cotman https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Sell_Cotman
6th July – Gwen  John

Gwen John was born in 1876 in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, the second of four children. The John family moved to Tenby while she was in her infancy, where her younger brother Augustus was born in 1878.
Gwen followed Augustus to study at the Slade School in London between the years of 1895-1898. In 1898 Gwen visited Paris for the first time. After her graduation she briefly worked with the highly fashionable American-born painter, artist and etcher James Whistler in Paris and studied at his Académie Carmen.
She found work as an artist’s model in Paris, and lived in the city from 1904. In contrast to her brother, Gwen was fastidious, contemplative and slow-working; her first paintings there were of cats, self-portraits and of the interior of her own room. She began modelling for Auguste Rodin in 1904, and subsequently became his lover.
Gwen John ( 1876 – 1939 ) – Welsh Artist  https://youtu.be/4EuksDMtxGE
Gwen John’s A Corner of the Artist’s Room in Paris https://youtu.be/9M36sPURIr4
Gwen John : Rather beautiful narration of her life set in a poem. https://youtu.be/DuDjIGHpzj8
To to learn more about Gwen John
To learn more about Augustus John 
29th June History of  Fashion 1930’s & 1940’s

Covering the elegant art deco era of the 1930s, looking at the influence of glamorous icons such as Ginger Rogers and Gertrude Lawrence, and then by contrast the effect of the Second World War on fashion and explains how Christian Dior pioneered the ‘new look’.
History of Fashion : The 1930s https://youtu.be/ijlDPoIVRJY
History of Fashion : The 1940s https://youtu.be/TSG0eY8aStA
22nd June Artists  Inspired by Snowdonia

                                             Kyffin Williams – Welsh Chapel above Deiniolin
Writer and Art Historian Mari Griffith puts on her  walking boots to visit some  of the key locations in Snowdonia. She looks at  the  painters who went  there, the paintings they were inspired to make,and  will be  using the  works to examine our evolving  relationship with this very special landscape https://youtu.be/CqDu1O8EhU4
15th June The History of Fashion

This episode explores the fashions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the iconic Madame X dress and the pioneering work of Paul Poiret and Mariano Fortuny.   https://youtu.be/CSTFppJyc-0
The Roaring 20’s
The daring revelations that earned the 1920s its ‘roaring’ reputation, explores the influence of the war and the arrival of jazz music to Britain https://youtu.be/jNKr6TYMlFk
8th June Lancashire  Artists  Leonora Carrington & Andy  Goldsworthy
Leanora Carrington  was acknowledged as one of the key surrealist painters of the 1930s,she  spent her early life in Lancashire, born to a wealthy family in Clayton-le-Woods, followed by a short spell in Silverdale. Known for her exotic life with fellow painter Max Ernst and the surrealist paintings she created in Mexico where they chose to live. She died in Mexico City in 2011.

Britain’s Lost Surrealist features rare archive footage, this short film follows Leonora Carrington’s cousin and journalist, Joanna Moorhead, exploring the artist’s story. Leonora Carrington was one of the most prolific members of the Surrealist movement. After rejecting her upper-class upbringing in northern England, Carrington embarked upon a relationship with Surrealist artist Max Ernst, and became central in the Surrealist circles of France and New York. After hanging out with celebrated names such as Andre Breton and Pablo Picasso, the artist then moved to Mexico where she spend the rest of her life painting, as well as making sculpture, tapestry, writing poetry and designing for theatre and film.   https://youtu.be/lqXePrSE1R0
Leonora Carrington at Tate Liverpool – Imma Ramos shares her insight on the fascinatingly surreal Leonora Carrington at the Tate Liverpool’s latest exhibition  https://youtu.be/C7iQG9oH8P8



Environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy OBE was born in Cheshire in 1956 and now lives in Scotland, he received most of his art education in Lancashire. This artist who specialises in creating and photographing his ephemeral art and site-specific sculptures using natural objects was trained at the former Storey art school in Lancaster and got his first degree in Preston.

Andy Goldsworthy makes sculpture from natural materials like stone, clay, ice, leaves and wood. Culture Street filmed him at work on three large new pieces, for his biggest exhibition so far, at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  https://youtu.be/fIQKZghtyiY
Slideshow of Andy  Goldsworthy’s creations https://youtu.be/I59Ar1s4ZZE 
1st June 2020 Cumbrian Artist Percy Kelly  
The Cumbrian Artist, Percy Kelly https://youtu.be/798e9WA7LJg
Tullie House exhibition  https://youtu.be/vp1ZQES1Wwc


25th May 2020 – 53rd Anniversary of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts  Club Band
The Beatles: a musical appreciation and analysis by composer, Howard Goodall CBE –  https://youtu.be/ZQS91wVdvYc
The Vocal Debate Over A Day in the Life – https://youtu.be/vFaV_ZglrAc


18th May Norman Cornish
John Cornish’s insight  – https://youtu.be/EPnmAhmuNds
The Definitive Collection – https://youtu.be/pC3OiESDS_c



11th May 2020 Faberge
The Journey Of A Fabergé Egg –  https://youtu.be/LAj-hYXJPTE
The Jewels of the Tsars – https://youtu.be/2f4G8dpbI0s
Royal Fabergé  An Exhibition – https://youtu.be/3kYWMMqeIDE
Fabergé: The Trellis Egg Surprise – https://youtu.be/m53nY0tazaM
Fabergé Pearl Egg – https://youtu.be/MmhVv7c6d4Q
                                            Romanovs – Faberge eggs – https://youtu.be/DiZPeG22bKw
4th May 2020 Curating an Exhibition
Victoria Art Gallery Bath  – https://youtu.be/yDaY6KraDW0
National Portrait Gallery – https://youtu.be/Sxbnv9UeZ3I


27th April 2020 Beethoven

The Life and Times of Ludwig Van Beethoven –  https://youtu.be/ZB_P3zn5j5U
Beethoven biography – https://youtu.be/KosgnZqF05w
Leonard Bernstein Discusses Beethoven’s 2nd Symphony – https://youtu.be/waB1ReEB5nA
Leonard Bernstein Discusses Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony Eroica –https://youtu.be/CNyla5QfN-Y?list=RD9ZYn865RiRE
BEETHOVEN – Symphony No. 5 – Leonard Bernstein  –  ://youtu.be/DAVt299d6kY
Leonard Bernstein Discussing Beethoven’s 6th Pastoral and 7th Symphony https://youtu.be/OuYY1gV8jhU
BEETHOVEN – Symphony no. 6 – Leonard Bernstein – https://youtu.be/tcSuSk4d6Gs
Sinfonía de Beethoven | Como nunca antes la viste – https://youtu.be/7rhryZzdpME



20th April 2020 Amedeo Clemente Modigliani 1884 – 1920
Una Cuarentena con Arte ( Quarantine with Art) – https://youtu.be/FCapGB_PFus
Art Talk on Amedeo Modigliani’s Portrait of Beatrice Hastings –  https://youtu.be/fbkAPNzMJh0
Art Talk on Amedeo Modigliani’s Redheaded Girl in Evening Dress  – https://youtu.be/au5oFT_zkYU
Amedeo Modigliani’s Portrait of the painter Manuel Humbert –  https://youtu.be/WDSupc6Nk18
Modigliani portrait not seen in a century – https://youtu.be/zNmCY6iaLik
Amadeo Modigliani Jeanne Hébuterne (Au chapeau) –  https://youtu.be/Log1_7tTgu8



13th April 2020 Berthe  Morisot
Berthe Morisot, Woman Impressionist – https://youtu.be/o1ObIy92J4o
Berthe Morisot: Inventing Impressionism – https://youtu.be/mupxAAjAiWM
Morisot, The Cradle 1872 – Berthe Morisot – https://youtu.be/na05-xCZR8s
Berthe Morisot and the music of Claude Debussy  – https://youtu.be/Ws4iEg_TeO0
Berthe Morisot: Hunting Butterflies – https://youtu.be/MVHfVB4MaWE



6th April 2020 James Ensor
James Ensor’s World – https://youtu.be/zvGkoFkRzfQ
Another view of James Ensor – https://youtu.be/bz1TM_kE2dU
The Skeleton Painter  – https://youtu.be/m4xnlmz6_T4
The Intrigue – https://youtu.be/qPr7iS3QjPM
Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise – https://youtu.be/PWJslBnILYo
‘The Artist Surrounded by Evil Spirits’- https://youtu.be/T4UpU-grPx8


30th March 2020 Art Restoration
Art restoration and relining Van Dyck’s Charles I – https://youtu.be/J48dp4HPTCE
Restoring a Frank Lloyd Wright statue – https://youtu.be/19Fu8ydbtaw
Conservation of a crocodile mummy- https://youtu.be/XgMZBPYcKRk
Conserving the Emperor’s Carpet  – https://youtu.be/Cw30IAkS7Fs
Conserving a damaged Michelangelo drawing  – https://youtu.be/z-7BKDfaZpg



23rd March 2020 Raphael
Pope Julius II  Matthias Wivel, National Gallery Curator  – https://youtu.be/3Y3lkw-A_30
Three Raphael Drawings Dr. Catherine Whistler, St Johns College Oxford – https://youtu.be/I5rfH5iOHzo
The School of Athens –  https://youtu.be/PyhVZ89GdGw
The Tale of Two Raphaels    Dr Mark Evans https://youtu.be/jWxsu7qOjo8
Raphael: The Renaissance Virtuoso  – Matthias Wivel, National  Gallery Curator – https://youtu.be/gleAnyyzbgE
Garden Parties
2018 Summer Garden Party
Last year’s party was again held at Chimneys, on 27 July.  This time the weather was less kind, but a light shower did nothing to diminish our pleasure and our thanks go again to Graham and Pauline.
2017 Summer Garden Party
Again was  held  at Chimneys on 21 July. A beautiful evening and a beautiful garden setting were enjoyed by all. We thank Graham and Pauline for hosting such a welcoming and friendly occasion.  
2017 New Members’ Evening
This year the new members’ evening was held at the house of Pam and Martin Atkinson. It was very clear that the new members appreciated the hospitality. It was good for old hands to have the opportunity to meet with them all and welcome them to Pantiles.